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Not Saving Photos

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MusicManJ5, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. MusicManJ5

    MusicManJ5 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    A few days ago I had to perform a hard reset due to my phone not sending pic mails anymore. Since that hard reset, my camera has decided when it wants to save photos and when it doesn't want to save them. Has anyone had this issue happen to them? Do i need to perform another hard reset? Could it be a SD Card issue?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. krazeejb

    krazeejb Newbie

    Every once in a while it happens to me. The photo is taken, but when I got to view the photo, its just a "broken icon". I'm guessing it's an SD card issue with the save. If its happening all the time, try a new SD card and see if that does the trick.
  3. dpeeps74

    dpeeps74 Well-Known Member

    i've had this happen a couple times but never knew why. i've even taken the picture, then shared it, i think to an mms, and it would show there, but then it wouldn't send, and when i went to the sd card no picture. like i said though, it's only happened a couple of times and hasn't happened again in 2-3 months.
  4. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    If it happens often, copy anything important to a computer, reformat the SD card, then move everything back. This is kinda routine SD card maintenance anyways but should definitely help if something is corrupt.

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