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Note 10.1 vs Nexus 10 -- S-Note

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by izik, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. izik

    izik Lurker
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    I am looking into the Nexus 10 for predominantly educational use with a close second being media. I am an engineering student and I also own/ heavily use an Android smartphone and Macbook Pro.

    All of my textbooks are digital and all last semester I got used to reading them on my laptop and my phone. I would really like to use a tablet instead because the screen on my phone was too small to read for long periods of time and I don't enjoy reading them on my laptop as it heats up and loses battery life quickly.

    The main reason the Nexus 10 tops my list is because I want the high screen resolution for clearest text possible and I also watch a fair amount of movies/ TV and frequently video chat.

    I also looked into the Galaxy Note 10.1 and while it has amazing productivity features for note taking and multitasking, I am fearful of tech redundancy. I use my laptop heavily for word processing, email and research so I worry that if I start using the GN, my laptop would be underused.

    But I REALLY like the note taking features on the Galaxy Note.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for:

    • any apps in the Play Store that offer similar note taking capabilities to S Notes
    • some great PDF annotation apps as my lecture slides and textbooks are all digital
    Additionally I would appreciate any comments on the performance of the Nexus 10 in general/ in college. I plan on using a stylus.

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    If it helps, I know that there are floating apps out there, that float above what's currently on the screen. Just do a search in Google Play for "floating", and you'll get a pretty decent handle on what your options are for mimicking the S-Notes functionality. If you like what you fins, you might be happy with the N10
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  3. smiledahling

    smiledahling Lurker

    Hey, did you ever decide on which tablet to go with?

    If so, can you type up what your thoughts are? I'm in the exact same situation and would love your input.

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