Help Note 2 bootloop problem...worst i have faced

Hey new here, i had a problem. recently my phones in a bootloop.i did not drop it or try to flash a custom rom. it was in a bag for 2 hours after which it just starts up to the white logo and not even the animated one and keeps repeating that. i have tried pulling out the battery for long times and letting the charge drain out thing but in vain. worst part is i caannot get into recovery or donwload mode. download mode flashes for a few seconds but just reboots. recovery mode doesnt work at all. i however managed to boot into download mode. once the download mode warning appeared i pulled out the battery with the usb cable in it. but thats as far as i got. i cannot flash a rom on to it either becasue it needs to restart i guess and wihtout a battery thats not possible..........i thought of trying out cwm becasue that had usb debugging turned on as default and then using abd command line to retrieve my data but for that i need to get into download mode. even checked out the power button problem but the button was running out of phone is not rooted.....any suggestions guys?....really need help saved up a lot to buy this