Help Note 2 USB issue (and charging) - Abnormal behaviour.


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it was working just fine till before I updated it with the latest "Software Update" the device had recognized two days ago. Now the device got successfully updated, but when I tried charging my phone yesterday, it didn't charge. In fact, using any wall charger it does not charge. It does however get frozen on the current screen as soon as you put the micro USB in the slot regardless of if the other end is connected or not. And it goes back to the normal state when taken out. Also, the device is charging normally through the computer but the PC is not recognizing the device. In fact, even the "Connected as Media Device" option doesn't come.

Also, sometimes that message keeps popping up on connecting (doesn't charge but) - "Connected to dock".

What could be the issue?
Even i faced somewhat similar problem today. I had bought my Note 2 months back, it was working great. Yesterday night I updated my phone, got a notification "Mobile Device Update" after which i got a "Play Movie" Icon with a red Film Strip as an Icon Image. I didnt know what the update was.

Anywayz even after the update the phone worked fine for quite some tym. I had den gone to sleep with around 38% battery life. Next day morning when i woke up i found out my phone was dead assuming the battery might have drained out due to my many alarm settings. I tried connecting the mobile to wall charger which comes with the box but it dint charge. Tried different electric points but didnt work.

Last i connected the usb to micro usb cable and tried charging the phone through my desktop, the green chargin icon appeared and it started chargin again. I charged it to 1% and den tried charging the phone again through Charging Adapter(wall charger) even tat started working but i feel my chargin has become pretty slow its been around 3 hours and it has charged only 71%....

Any 1 knows why this has happened...and will it occur again....was it a software issue or some hardware prob....Should i get it checked at Samsung Service Centre.


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Have you tried different USB cables?

Try a battery pull after powering down the device? Leave the battery out for a few minutes before putting it back in?

Go into safe mode. With the device shut down, press the volume up, down and power buttons all at the same time. Keep them pressed down until you see 'Safe mode' on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Last resort would be to do a hard reset back to factory defaults. Make sure to have proper backups done as this will wipe everything in the device.

If none of this helps, I can only imagine that something in the update might have broke something.
I had a similar issue with my note 2 constantly connecting to a dock after performing an update, even when it was not plugged in at all. I'm now on android version 4.4.2. While it was 'connected to dock' I unlocked the screen and found options for 'page buddy' and disabled it. Sure enough when I go into settings > display > and switch page buddy back on, the phone thinks it is connected to a dock again. Soooo, the fix, for me, seems to be to disable page buddy to get rid of the annoying connecting to an imaginary dock randomly problem. Also even with the sound off it would beep every time it thought it connected, every once and a while it would just machine gun beep - it was very annoying. Hope this helps someone out there.