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Note 3 cases?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dcm1602, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. justinsj

    justinsj Lurker



  2. krunchyfrogg

    krunchyfrogg Lurker

    I bought one of those wallet cases (I really don't carry much in my wallet anyway).

    My only concern is the credit card scratching the glass. I will have a screen protector on it though.

    Is this a valid concern?

    BTW, this is a cheap knockoff case I bought on ebay for $6. If it doesn't work out, I'm totally cool with buying something else.
  3. krunchyfrogg

    krunchyfrogg Lurker

    aaaaand looks like I'll be ordering another case.

    Damn! LOL
  4. mchi5

    mchi5 Newbie

    So can attest to the otterbox defender and tempered glass screen protector. My kid tonight got mad and threw my Note 3 against the wall. . My heart stopped and was so scared to see what it has become!

    When I looked my heart sanked. The screen had a ton of cracks. . Then I realized I had a tempered glass screen protector, bodyguardz from AT&T store. . Took off screen protector, and the actual screen underneath is perfect!

    And the otterbox defender case protector the phone itself!

    Gonna go to AT&T store tomorrow to see if they can replace the tempered glass for free or if I need to buy a new one. If I do, well worth it!

    Gonna stick with the otterbox defender and tempered glass from now on!

    Update. Went to Att store today, got a new bodyguardz tempered glass for free! They have a one time exchange for free. They even installed it again for me. . Said if it occurred again will need to go thru bodyguardz online Warrenty (if you register product with them online, it's know $14.95 for replacement screens, vs $45 retail at store!) very happy indeed!

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  5. krunchyfrogg

    krunchyfrogg Lurker

    Will a metal case reduce your signal?

    I read a review on amazon.com that stated this as a fact.
  6. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Android Expert

    Seems pretty likely from my basic physics.

    And I'd have thought a copper Faraday cage case round it would really stop it working completely.
  7. andrewsc

    andrewsc Newbie


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  8. justinsj

    justinsj Lurker

    memphis + card case is a no go for sure even in the vanillaist of dives

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