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Note 3 locks up and then reboots after Kitkat

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krue92, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. krue92

    krue92 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have had my Note 3 since launch day and have had no reboot or locking up issues till now. I installed kitkat and then my phone started locking up in random apps and then just reboots. It seems to happen 4 or 5 times a day since the install. I tried to wipe the cache, but that didn't help. I read a lot of posts that said to do a complete wipe of the phone after an update, so I decided to try that, but that didn't seem to make any difference either. It doesn't seem to be any certain app either. It just locks up for no reason and then reboots. Its driving me nuts and I'm not sure what else to try. Has anybody else had this issue? Thanks!


  2. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Android Enthusiast

    Was it an official OTA?
  3. krue92

    krue92 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes it was. Phone has been stock since day 1 also and never rooted.
  4. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    After the factory reset try installing apps one by one, is your phone carrier branded/unlocked?
  5. krue92

    krue92 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's with Sprint, so not unlocked. I did install each app individually after I did the hard reset, so not sure how else to troubleshoot.
  6. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    Maybe keep an eye out to see if there are similar issues with Sprint owners, I feel your pain, frustrating, but its still in its early days with you guys so maybe more issues will surface and a fix may be needed.
  7. krue92

    krue92 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I have been trying to research it, but haven't found much yet. Its just upsets me, since I never had an issue before kitkat. I really don't have that many app installed, so I'm trying to figure out if it could be one of those. This morning it rebooted right when I entered my lock screen password and has rebooted one other time when I was just in the menu of the phone.
  8. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    It's so odd because I was having random reboot issues, prior to the Kitkat update. I could never figure out which app was causing the random reboots and I had my first random reboot yesterday (since updating to kitkat). So, as of right now, I've still had less frequency of random reboots, but I haven't had the time to hard reset.

    For your situation, I'd be more inclined to think that there's an app (or apps) that isn't/aren't compatible with kitkat yet and those might be causing your reboots.
  9. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Android Enthusiast

    How hot is your phone when it reboots?
  10. krue92

    krue92 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Not warm at all...it is wierd it just happens so random too and only happends when I am using it to do something. Went 14 hours without a reboot this time, but since then have had like 2 in 3-4 hours.
  11. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Android Enthusiast

    Well if its doing that with seemingly no reason then obviously that is very unusual as the phone staying on is of the highest priority to creators of operating systems.

    Maybe there is an incompatibility with some of the pre-installed applications on your Sprint version of your phone, or maybe you have an old battery that isn't supplying enough voltage to the operating system, which may explain why it doesn't reboot when you're not using the phone and does when you are using the phone.

    If it's a software error or incompatibility with your phone then you can it replaced under warranty or reflashed with KitKat.
  12. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Android Enthusiast

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  13. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I think you forgot to add the link.
  14. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    If it still reboots in safe mode I'd bring it back. They're responsible for any damage they cause unless they have your signature on a paper that says that they're going to send you an OTA update that may cause problems and you assume all risk - which never happens. I had an AT&T Note 3 replaced because an OTA caused a bootloop.
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  15. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I'm sorry I did the update. My phone gets hot, battery dying super fast & charges super slow.
  16. dreahdreah

    dreahdreah Member

    I just got my phone yesterday evening (sprint) and this morning the OTA came. it would freeze on the lock screen, couldnt turn it off, reboot, swipe nothing...pulled the battery out and let it sit for a bit...has been working fine ever since then
  17. flailer

    flailer Member

    My details are: Sprint, Note 3, v. 4.3, not rooted, never re-booted & never had any problems of any kind, whatsoever.

    Monitoring this thread
  18. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    I have update frozen. I'll wait until everyone complains about all the bugs and 4.43 comes out. Then I'll wait again to see if anyone else reports bugs. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    4.3 works, the phone works, my apps work and, from what I heard, Kit Kat is about as exciting as a drink of water.

    ScandLeX, I believe that you can use evilpotatoman's method to reinstall MJ5 (and let it update to NB4 if you want) even after KK installs. Check his thread over on XDA for some of the later pages.
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  19. flailer

    flailer Member

    Thanks. Good idea. I'm doing the same.

    Settings>General>System Update> unclick Auto update box :smokingsomb:
  20. js349

    js349 Lurker

    Same here. No reboots before update and I've had 6 or 7 in 3 days.

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