Note 3 - not recognising SD card


I changed my SIM the other day, and straight away after rebooting, I got the message "Blank SD card - SD card is blank or has unsupported file".

I have tried rebooting the phone (hundred times). I have tried formatting the card (both in phone and on PC).

The card works in my PC.

The card works in other Samsung phones.

Other SD cards to not work in my phone.

So it points to my phone... - however, why would I suddenly get this problem after changing the SIM?

Been scouring the internet, cannot find anything.. - wondering if anyone here has any idea?

Many thanks for any assistance.
My samsung galaxy Y also act like that.
My keypoints:
1.take out the sd card from phone (call it sd1)
2.insert new or another sd card (call it sd2)
3.if the phone starting recognise sd card,quickly take out sd2 and insert sd1.If not works,see no4
4.Shut down and take out the batteries for 5 minutes.
5.Turn on and hope it recognise the sd.If not works,maybe your sd slot had problem.
6.After it recognise,take sd2 without use settings (just take out and the shock message out)