Note 3 Screen Turning Green

Hi there.

The screen on my Note 3 has started turning green. It started in one corner and has been spreading for a week. It is not solid green, but a dark green hue--darkest at the point of origin in the bottom left corner. This was possibly triggered by a drop, but I'm not completely sure. The glass is fine. There are no cracks or anything like that. The phone, including touchscreen, is completely functional. The only problem is the green hue. Is this a problem with the digitizer or the screen? I mean, do I need to have the digitizer replaced or just the glass?

Any help would be fantastic.


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It's just past warranty. I'm in contact with Samsung. The initial guy I spoke with said they might be able to extend the warranty, but since then I'm only getting the run-around with them.

This is my second poor experience with Samsung customer service. I don't think I'll be buying another Samsung phone again.


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Whether or not you choose Samsung in the future, your concern should be on the type of screen to avoid this scenario (although Samsung does tend to put SAMOLEDs on their high end devices). Look for LCD type screens.


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Not sure. But amoled also succumbs to burn in. Its sorta like plasma. Super AMOLED displays often have a green tint due to the penile matrix. The Galaxy S3 was bad about it. What I don't get is why they haven't used Super AMOLED Plus since the Galaxy S2. It was a better screen for AMOLED.