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Note 4 only usb charges. not recognized by pc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Android Question, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Android Question

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    I am at a loss. My sprint note 4 will only usb charge. No ac charge. Any charger any cord. It does not matter. Ive change usb flex port twice. Once by me the othe by a reputable phone repair company. Made no difference. Only thing left is replacing motherboard. Or is this a software issue? Its less than a year old but rooted. Root 2nd week i owned it. Has nothin to do with problem. Surely someone else is experiencing this problem.

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to our AndroidForums :).

    I think you've tried and ruled-out anything I might suggest...

    Let's see if you get some responses over in the Note 4 area--I'll go-ahead and move your thread over there if you don't mind.

    Best of luck!
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  3. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    you have a motherboard failure....

    either replace that, or the phone.

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