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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nicoo, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Nicoo

    Nicoo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So my phone screen just recently died I know my phone well enough to put the code in even with a black screen but this is where I need help. If someone could please take step by step screenshots of one plugging a USB in to the computer from the phone it'll ask to connect and media device n other things I'm not sure of immediately but I'm trying to be able to click that so I can transfer my files off of it to the computer but me just clicking around is impossible. My next request is I need step by step screenshots of disabling my pattern password so I can do this a lot easier and try and figure it out on the black screen where I'm touching things. Please and thank you if I need anything else I'll post

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    sorry i only have the note 3 lying around someplace. just curious have you tried smart switch? what exactly are you trying to get off the phone?
  3. Nicoo

    Nicoo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Trying to move all my files. I can't do anything screens black and I can't access it from the computer unless i change the USB source to transferring files instead of charging.
  4. TexasGonzo

    TexasGonzo Newbie

    Nicco, of course you can't access it if its set to charge instead of file transfers... thats pragmatic.
    To OP, did you ever solve your screen issues and were you able to xfer your files? Screen wise, you might try reseating the screen connector, those ribbon zif's can act flaky... seen it countless times over 20 years of being a tech.
    As far as snagging files, once connected as a media device/drive, the phone will show up just like any other usb drive under Windows Explorer. Just open it up and browse to the files you need to save. I always opt to load any and everything possible to the micro SD to start with... pictures and contact .csv files especially to avoid ever losing them. 😎
    If all else fails, access can usually always be had via Odin to back up *everything* on the phone.
    Hope this helps someone, somewhere!
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  5. MrJavi

    MrJavi Android Expert

    An extreme method is to buy another note 4 and switch out the boards. That is if the date on your phone is that important to you. Good luck

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