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Note 5 Sprint getting Android 6.0 update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by STEVEN-H, Mar 24, 2016.


    STEVEN-H Member
    Thread Starter

    My Note 5 on SPRINT is receiving a rather large update now. 1362.41 MB

    It is 6.0.1

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  2. elteedub

    elteedub Newbie

    I'm kind of disappointed, pretty much looks the same, and i thought the folder view would look like stacked icons like it does in this picture [​IMG]
  3. elteedub

    elteedub Newbie

    Also that picture shows the app drawer in the middle at the bottom...mine still looks like it always has, and the big goofy looking folders
  4. Jore

    Jore Android Enthusiast

    I'm downloading mine now.......
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