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Note 8 vs Note Fe vs Note 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mystvearn, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Jun 7, 2010
    I have a Note 3 LTE version. I just changed the battery few months ago. I am a heavy S Pen user. I change the battery yearly. Samsung has announced the FE for my Malaysia (not limited stock)

    I look at the Note FE, difference is USB C, non-replaceable battery, better camera and 1 GB ram. 32 GB extra internal storage. New software. faster CPU. fingerprint sensor and waterproof.

    Looking at the Note 3 vs Note 8, difference is 3 GB Ram. Dual camera. Still same 32 GB space with note FE. New software, but should be same with FE. Slightly faster CPU compared to FE. fingerprint sensor weird location. waterproof

    My main problem is actually internal storage (whatsapp downloading videos. Though disable that features now).

    I have a galaxy tab a 2017 edition which I use as well. I like the overall layout of the touchwiz and the customisable quick pen settings.

    I previously wanted to upgarde to the N7, before the battery issues. Then N8 came with its ultra expensive price. Then this with slightly affordable price. However, since I've deleted all games, and cleared the whatsapp video storage, I don't know if I should upgrade or just wait. With an upgrade, I am basically loosing the ability to easily replace the battery yearly, instead need to rely on Samsung. I have also fixed the GPS antenna by myself once. On the other hand, not sure if the dated software and no fingerprint reader is a security issue. I take photos too and FE and 8 take great photos. One dealbreaker for me and I am not sure if the FE or 8 have like the N3 is the ability to invert colours. Under accessibility settings, tap the home button 3x and you screen inverts all colours. I use this when browsing websites and facebook at night. I could not locate this feature on the tab a 2017. Does the N8 have this feature?


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