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Note9 killed my left side earbud ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Daniel_1, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I've had my new Note9 for a week now. Originally I used inexpensive but not super cheap earbuds either my S5 Active. After years of using that is when I decided to get the Note9 and then I started to use the stereo earbuds that came with my Note9. But then days later the left side stopped working. After trying different things to see if I could get it to work to no avail. I chalked it up as either a manufacturing problem or maybe I bent the wire in a way that killed it. So I'll started using the earbuds mentioned earlier and now only the right side works just days later. Should I buy some new earbuds to confirm if this is some strange problem I've never had before much less heard of ? Maybe it's just a coincidence? Is there anything anyone could think of that's causing the problem? It's the same issue both instances. Earlier I noticed a very slight difference in volume but thought nothing of it but it progressively got worse throughout the day up until now where I can just barely hear out of the left and just fine the right. Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I loved the earbuds that came with the phone originally. I hope it's just a coincidence and I dont have to have my phone exchanged. Thanks!

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    If you have a 3.5mm audio cable that you can connect to a speaker system, try that out, or simply go to a Best Buy or similar electroncis store (not sure if you are in the US or not) and plug up some display earphones to see if the issue is there.

    Could be you have some debris inside the 3.5mm port. Can’t see that the port is damaged but nothing is impossible. If the phone is a week old you have a return policy I’m sure so you can exercise that.
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