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    As the personal computer netbook laptop became feasible in the early 1970s, the idea of a portable personal netbook laptop computer followed. A "personal, portable information manipulator" netbook laptop was imagined by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC in 1968, and described in his 1972 paper as the "Dynabook". New 10.2" ZT-180 Epad Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC The IBM SCAMP project (Special Computer APL Machine Portable), 10.1" Windows 7 multi touch Tablet Notebook wifi camera was demonstrated in 1973. This prototype was based on the PALM processor (Put All Logic In Microcode).10.2" CAPACITIVE TABLET PC WIN 7 N450 250GB 1GB The IBM 5100, the first commercially available portable computer, appeared in September 1975, 10.2" Tablet PC Touch Rotate Screen NetBook N450 WiFi and was based on the SCAMP prototype. As 8-bit CPU machines became widely accepted, 10.1" Windows 7 multi touch Tablet Notebook wifi camera the number of portables increased rapidly. The Osborne 1, released in 1981, New 10.2" ZT-180 Epad Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC used the Zilog Z80 and weighed 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg). cheap notebook It had no battery, a 5 in (13 cm) CRT screen, and dual 5.25 in (13.3 cm) single-density floppy drives. In the same year the first laptop-sized portable computer, the Epson HX-20, was announced. The Epson had a LCD screen, a rechargeable battery, and a calculator-size printer in a 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) chassis. hot tablet pc Both Tandy/RadioShack and HP also produced portable computers of varying designs during this period. The first laptops xp tablet pc using the flip form factor appeared in the early 1980s. windows tablet pc The Dulmont Magnum was released in Australia in 1981

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