Help Notes Lite Help Requested


Hello. I've recently acquired a Nexus 7 32gb. I installed the fine Notes Lite app, but now I seem to have a problem. I typed in a "ToDo" note, giving it a title. I added some text and tapped "Done". When I look at the screen now, all I see is the title of the ToDo note. Nothing seems to give me the ability to look at the damned text. I've tried dragging, single-tap, double tap, screaming, etc. Anyone assist out there? Thanks in advance.

When I open the ToDo, I see the title with a brown background at the top. Then the words "No items!" in what appears to be intended as the note body, and a single entry box at the bottom urging me to "Enter new task". When I created the ToDo I put in the task and hit done. Grrr.