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Nothing better than the Incredible on Verizon?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by Karuk, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else wondering when we will see another phone as awesome as the Incredible hit Verizon?

    Nothing in the pipe seems to come even close.

    and this whole Bing deal it nutz.

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  2. mikefla

    mikefla Member

    is the Droid X not as good as the incredible? i thought it was basicaly the same phone with a bigger screen?
  3. Theodosius

    Theodosius Newbie

    Well it doesn't have sense built in, none of that UI, or the smoothness, and size in this case matters. It all depends, some say the X is better than the Incredible. I say they're equalish. But I prefer the Incredible, a lot more.
  4. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

  5. Droid2Newb

    Droid2Newb Lurker

    Droid R2D2 :D

    Okay, okay. So it's a Droid 2 with a fancy packaging. :p

    The salesman tried talking me into the Samsung Fascinate saying it was the latest and greatest. I still bought the Droid 2 for the "real" keyboard.
  6. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    nice choice:D
  7. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    Many of my friends have either the Incredible or the D1, after letting them play with my DX they absolutely love it.

    You could also wait for the MERGE
  8. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If DX came with stock froyo I would consider it. Not a huge fan of blur.

    I guess I'm just looking for the incredible with front facing cam and 4.3 inch screen. Don't really need a qwerty but I would not hate having one unless is slides out as easily as the orig droid.

    Bing kills any android phone for me. I understand we can root but I like to recommend phones to friends that are awesome without having to root. The incredible is that phone right now.
  9. wtherrell

    wtherrell Android Enthusiast

    You do not need to root to make this phone default to google. Download the google enhanced search apk, install it. Use Launcher Pro and Dolphin HD and you won't even know you have Bing on there any more. There is no excuse for using the Bing issue to avoid getting this awesome phone. Anyone using the Bing issue to avoid this phone is just being silly. Now the physical keyboard is your own preference. I thought I had to have one until I tried Swype. Now I prefer the slim form factor of the Fascinate over the physical keyboard. But, well if you absolutely must have the FFC then you need to look elsewhere.
  10. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You were able to prove my point. The incredible is golden out of the box. No need to download "this" and side load "that".

    I would have the Fascinate if is was all google out of the box.

    DX loses blur and it is a close second to the Fascinate.
  11. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    The Fascinate isn't even considered a Google phone. I'm not saying it... Google is showing it themselves. Its not even listed in Google's new "Google" Android Phone Compare Site.

    Take a look for yourself
    Google Phone Gallery
    Can't get more official than that! Google doesn't even give it respect as a "Google" phone. Every phone listed is "Official" Google Android.

    And when the Merge/Lexicon comes out, I bet it won't be listed as well all because it's a "Bing" Android phone. LOL
  12. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    I don't care about Bing/Blur/Sense or having a Google phone. Just remember the N1 is a Google phone and they threw it under the bus.

    The Incredible is an HTC phone and I don't like their phones, so my R2D2 D2 is the favorite so far. If LG gets off their but and makes a high end android phone, I'll give that a try. They seem to be the only company who knows how to make a keyboard for a mobile device.
  13. wtherrell

    wtherrell Android Enthusiast

    You're right about the LG keyboards. Before I went smartphone I had an EnV. Great keyboard! I always wished it could have been a smartphone. I was still carrying old Dell Axim 5 with a snap-on keyboard around along with the EnV. Never thought I could live without physical keyboard but Swype has pulled me to the dark side.
  14. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    Yeah the SF isnt a Droid per se. But clearly it runs Android so thats a semantic point. Its true SF does not come ready for prime time out of the box. But honestly most of us went with Android so we can tinker with our device and make it the way we want it. It takes less than one hour to take a factory fresh SF and root it, de-bing it, un bloat it, put ClockWorkMod on it and then apply some custom ROM and an OverClocked voodoo enhanced kernel. Its true we still don't have Froyo but once we do yikes.
    Im not trying to say better or worse. SF has a lot of complaints regarding reception and GPS. But, still that hardware was too hard for me to pass by. Im very pleased with my SF. If others like their DInc or DX or D2 thats fine too. There is no universal best device; just a best for you and your wants and needs
  15. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I like my Droid X :)
  16. fluffyz

    fluffyz Newbie

    Considering most people would prefer the Incredible over the X for it's size and the Droid 2 has a lot of work on the keyboard before it's worth sacrificing minimalist design, yes. The Droid Incredible is easily the best phone on Verizon.
  17. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see the HTC Evo (Or another HTC phone with better specs) on the Verizon network, soon! I have my doubts though........... The HTC Desire HD would be awesome!
  18. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    Hey 0837s, keep the EVO!!! (if you didnt already choose haha) Way better than the incredible!
  19. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I already ported back to Verizon (where I was before I went to Sprint) and signed a 1 year contract on Saturday for the Incredible.

    I just got a working Sprint phone from Fedex yesterday, took it out of the box and checked to see how "used" it was, and it has 25 calls on it and 23 minutes- guess I should have waited to jump ship to see how the phone was that they were sending me. (I had been without a working device for over a week and Sprint wouldn't give me a different phone, because I didnt' live within a 50 mile radius of a repair center...) Guess its too late now...I think. Thats why I would like a better spec'd HTC phone on the VZW network.
  20. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 Android Enthusiast

    It sounds to me that the DInc is the best "all around phone" out of the box. It's a true google phone, which provides the best Android experience, It's HTC Sense it's as awkward as Moto blur, or Bing, it has the biggest camera and quickest processor to date on VZW, and it doesnt have an overly large screen (I personally think 4.3" is too bulky for a pocket). It sounds like an all around winner to me. If I had waited a few more months, I'd have bought it over the D1 right away. I know that you can root, and mod D2, DX, and SF to fit the same as a DInc, but as some people have said on here, it comes with a great general package out of the box. No it's not the perfect Andoid, but right now, it is definitely the best rounded phone on VZW
  21. rehpyc

    rehpyc Android Enthusiast

    While Sense is probably the better of any available UI, the DInc has issues of its own. The phone no longer sells with a AMOLED screen, it has reception issues in comparison to other phones, many who don't root the phone get rather poor battery life, and the mic let's in a lot of background noise. Most of my friends have the DInc or D1.

    It's really a preference issue with screen size. You can't say any one size (DInc vs. SF vs. DX) is the best size for a phone because each person is different. Some have problems with the size of the DX, other's love it. Some find the SF's 4" to be a sweet spot, others find it too small or large. Others find the DInc to be big enough whilst others think it's too small (especially those who've gotten use to the size of the SF or DX :p) It's the same with a keyboard.. YOU may like a physical keyboard, but others may not.. or they have no preference towards the keyboard itself, but they dislike the bulk a physical one provides and thus decide against it.

    In the end, any phone that you throw ADW or LP on works just fine as a PHONE. As a smartphone, one that you'll do more than just make phone calls and do basic web browsing with, each phone has it's ups and downs dependent on what types of preferences you have.
  22. BboyPryme

    BboyPryme Newbie

    I'm jumping on the next HTC-Verizon-Keyboardless phone in a heart beat.

    Got screwed when I got the Eris and like 2 weeks later the DInc. came on the scene being all bad ass. Now I have a cracked screen Eris (dropped it) so I'm waiting for HTC's next awesome device to adopted again.
  23. tsanuri

    tsanuri Android Enthusiast

    The processor on the Incredible is no faster than those in the D2, X and SF. The camera on the increbile is the same MP as the one on the X. As to the size that is all a personal preference. And that is where I disagree I think the 4.3 in screen is the sweet spot for screen size. Which makes the X the best rounded phone.
  24. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert

    Yup, and actually the D2 and DX have better processors because their processors have a better GPU than the incredible. Thats why the battery dies SO FAST on the incredible. plus amoled makes phones die fast too.

    battery life is way important to me and many many others. since the dx and d2 have better GPU, the batteries can last much much longer.

    also htc devices have poor build quality. i dont plan on ever going back to htc after having a eris and feeling an incredible in the vzw store. it felt as if it was gonna fall apart.

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