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Nothing has worked to stop hacker

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vanesss, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. vanesss

    vanesss Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All
    I just wanted to comment . I have been reading all the posts about folk being hacked and change passwords ...reset phone ....2 step verification. Etc etc
    I have done all of the above several times to no avail.
    I have gone grey with all the stress.
    I know who it is and he has had access to my phone.
    I have been officially told I have been hacked and my personal details shared on a hackers website.
    The most recent (2 days ago) a casino account with my surname and 666 on the end set up. THEY were emailing me with offers. Multiple emails later they still haven't deleted it.
    Where do I go from here???
    Throw away my phone my tablet and go back to the old days.
    I think he is remotely accessing my Wi-Fi.....I live in a shared house they think I'm crazy. Have asked them to change all the passwords.
    Thank you all x

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  2. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    What exactly has been hacked? To what accounts do they have access? If you completely factory reset your phone, sure they won't have access to your phone's hardware anymore, but if they have access to your online accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, etc... then resetting your phone isn't going to help anything.
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  3. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

    Stop Useing Google its to easy for hackers to get every thing they need all Google accounts are linked once u get into the rest are easy, nothing u can do abought access to any accounts they are making they have all your details from Google accounts, get a new phone & sim then use encrypted email with authenticator app & use duckduckgo browser ect, all u can really do is contact any Co. Pants that the hacker has opened accounts & close them & explain what has happened & ask them to close the sccount. Any personal info u put online can be accessed buy hackers so only use as little as possible

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