Notification Bar as a Widget?


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i don't want a widget for each kind of notification. i'm looking for a single widget that can show me the contents of my entire Notification Drawer.

basically, i'm running CM10.1.2 with Expanded Desktop enabled, so i can't see that information. i'm also using DashClock right now, and so far it's doing a decent job, but it's not catching every notification (or i have to install extension after extension after extension).

the only topics i found were these 2:

and one of the topics mentioned this app:

since there's no trial version, i'm iffy to pay for it, if it's something that doesn't fit my needs. if anyone has any input, please let me know. :D


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Hello, I do not use widgets that often. If I want to see a notification I just pull down my notification bar. Hope this helps!
you didn't read my thread very well. i stated i'm using a custom ROM with Expanded Desktop enabled. so there is no pulling down the notification bar.

MissedIt can catch almost any notification.
i ended up buying this app. so far so good. sorta. i only wish it just automatically took everything from the notification bar and display it. you have to manually choose what apps you want to see notifications from.

also, it's showing i have 1 unread text message, and i don't know why...

EDIT- to fix the "1 unread text message" error, i had to point at the Messaging app, instead of the built-in ability of text message notifications.

i'm liking this app. kinda sucks that i have to manually select every app i have that could produce a notification. but all-in-all, it does its job.