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Notification bar locked on Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant / Bell Canada

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by diggetydank, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. diggetydank

    diggetydank Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey all, Just got the aforementioned phone, installed some apps, rooted the thing, but it appears that the pull down notification bar at the top is locked, and won't respond to anything. This is pretty annoying, as you can imagine. I'm probably missing something obvious here, but does anyone know how I can unlock it? Thanks in advance.

  2. Malhavoc

    Malhavoc Newbie

    Something to do with the rooting maybe?

    I have the same phone on the same carrier. If the screen is locked, the bar doesn't work. Otherwise, just place your finger on the line with the icons at the top, and pull down (don't just tap).

    Bell has a 30-day Dead on Arrival policy. Take the phone with the box, packaging, and accessories into any store with the receipt, and if they have one in stock, they can just swap it over the counter. Call ahead though, they seem to be backordered everywhere.
  3. Malhavoc

    Malhavoc Newbie

    Almost forgot: 1-877-DATA-123 is their 24/7 tech support for smartphones. I've used them myself, and they're pretty good. Try giving them a call before you take the phone back.
  4. dakr123

    dakr123 Lurker

    i know how annoing it and found somthing close

    in adw launcher and go launcher (which i recommend ) there is an option to set that when you in the home screen you will be able to scroll down and it will open the notification bar:
    settings button - then preferences -operation settings - glide done action - show totification .
    in adw launcher there is something like that to .
  5. Natanael

    Natanael Lurker


    First some details. This happens on the Galaxy S when you try to open the notification bar during high load. A reboot will reset it. But if you don't want to reboot:

    Do this QUICKLY: Tap the notification bar, just before releasing it tap on the bottom half of the screen, release the finger from notification bar, release the finger from the bottom half of the screen.

    This will trigger the notification bar to FULLY OPEN ITSELF!

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