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Notification blinking green

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by goldz28, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. goldz28

    goldz28 Android Enthusiast
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  2. nx01

    nx01 Guest

  3. goldz28

    goldz28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you figure out what's going on let me know...lol
  4. may2700

    may2700 Well-Known Member

    are you using any kind of silent widget? like silent time lite?
    i use silent time lite to automatically silence my phone at 8pm and when it goes into silent mode it trips the green indicator light. all i do is pull down the notifications bar and put it back up and it clears the indicator light. try that.
  5. goldz28

    goldz28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I don't have anything like that running. I do have Battery indicator pro, I ended that app and restarted it. So far it has not happened since.
  6. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    i have battery indicator free edition and it doesnt do that. it would get annoying. send the developer an email and see what they say. i do love that app BTW. cause the stock android battery meter isnt accurate.
  7. nx01

    nx01 Guest

    I do not have anything like that running. When I wake up the screen there is no notifications and the light stops flashing green. When the phone is asleep is when the indicator is flashing green. When I wake the phone up the indicator stops flashing.
  8. Krow82

    Krow82 Lurker

    Registered just to answer because I had the same problem and it was so annoying. Seems anything I would put on the left side of my notication bar would light up green when the screen was off. I had Beautiful Widget Temp Notification on so I turned it off and it hasnt happened since.
  9. maxamilian

    maxamilian Newbie

    Something to check. Is the green light flashing when your battery is fully charged and pluged in to charger. I have not had my nionic long enough to accuratly say if the bionic does this. However on my x2 with gingerbread the green light would eluminate when the battery was 95% charged and still plugged in. When unplugged it would turn off. Possible exlination. Ill go charge my bionic and see if it does it also.

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