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Notification issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jason359, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. jason359

    jason359 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi I don't really know how to describe this but here goes: When I swipe away notifications from the pull down menu on my phone, the alerts elsewhere don't go away. These alerts are specifically the one on the always on display and in the status bar at the top. The kind of alerts are missed phone calls and texts. I think they used to go away when I swiped away the notifications before I installed nova launcher. I guess I can check that out myself, but what I am asking is is this normal behavior for Nova Launcher? Or is there some setting or permission I missed? Thanks!

  2. chicoatc

    chicoatc Newbie

    I'm using Google Now launcher and am having the same issue. I haven't tried Nova yet on this phone, nor did I even bother with Touchwiz. It is REALLY annoying to swipe away notifications and they are still showing on the AOD (Always On Display). If I am using the phone I may have to do 3 actions to get rid of the notifications. When using the phone, the popup with the incoming message at the top of the screen comes up, if I tap close or swipe it away, it'll still show in the notification pull down, and swiping that away will still not take it off the AOD. The ONLY way to clear notifications from the AOD is to go into the messaging app EVERY time a message comes in, and click on the conversation to show it as "read". This issue is by far the most annoying thing I have encountered with this phone.
  3. tmcarter

    tmcarter Lurker

    i am using Touchwiz and i am experiencing the same problem. i agree that it is by far the most ANNOYING of the few bugs that i have encountered.

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