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notification issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by runLoganrun, May 17, 2010.

  1. runLoganrun

    runLoganrun Member
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    I am having issues with sms notifications. I'm running the custom rom listed below. previously i had "missed call" which had been giving me duplicate sms notifications (with local notifications off), i then uninstalled that along with the sms, mms apps which I replaced with handcent, which also has custom led notifications for sms.

    Now I have two things going on, one- there is a little sms icon, just like the one from missed call, sans the red # mark, that always stays in notification area, and when i pull down not. menu it reads 0 sms. So, why is it there? Is it part of Handcent? Handcent uses the icon I picked from it's menu, which is different than what's in the not. bar.

    two- still getting 2 sms not. ringtones, first one is default, i think, second one is one I selected, just one new notification though, which is the one I picked.

    Now, I still have a ringtone under main settings>notification ringtones, which I assumed I would need for emails, but may hap that is cause of dual ringtones for sms messages, as I have one selected in handcent. ok just got a brainstorm, disable not. ringtone in handcent, but leave custom led, then leave ringtone in settings menu, which should alert for both. I would like to have different ringtones though, for text and email, but missed call was giving me issues, like dual notifications, not audible, but in bar, one i would always have to clear which became annoying. Also, I really like the custom led's, but when there is more than one alert, it just defaults to green, instead of displaying one color, then another.

    side question- is there a way, or an app, to make separate ringtones for sms and email? yeah, missed call, i know about that one already, if someone was able to troubleshoot similar prob (dual notifications, with droid one OFF), then I would gladly listen, I used it fine before, maybe it has something to do with the rom I'm using, everything else works perfect with it though.

    thanks a lot,

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  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Android Expert

    Each sms prog has its own notifications settings. If you will open the stock sms package and go to settings, you will find a notifications area. Uncheck the checkmark next to notifications and that should stop the double notifications. In Handcent, you can change about every aspect of notifications for sms including the color of the LED.

    The notifications setting in the main settings menu covers notifications that you don't specify elsewhere. Each e-mail account that you set up can have a different notification ringtone. I have a two pop accounts and two g-mail accounts set up and each one produces a different ringtone when I have mail. The same thing goes with sms packages, they have their own settings for notifications. The stock sms package also has that little envelope looking thing that pops up in the notification area, that should go away also when you turn off notifications for that app. I have just about every aspect of my messaging notification set up so that I can tell what the phone wants when it makes a noise and it didn't require and additional apps to do it and my phone is stock.

    Hope this helps,
  3. runLoganrun

    runLoganrun Member
    Thread Starter

    The thing is I removed the stock IM with adp. I removed the leftover parts as well, according to guide on droid forums, it still behaves the same way though....


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