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Notification Panel

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SekiTimewalker, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

    I have a quick question regarding the notification panel. In the review video I watched, the guy had Data as a button on his notification panel. I can't seem to find it, under Active or Available buttons. I use a widget to turn this on and off, but I'd love to get rid of an app I no longer need if I can add it to the panel.

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  2. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Android Enthusiast

    Data? Are you sure it wasn't the Sync button?
  3. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

  4. ripkord

    ripkord Member

    The notification shortcut bar slides left and right is it there?
  5. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Android Enthusiast

    It appears that it was removed for some reason. I thought it was an AT&T thing that removed it but it looks like you're missing it and you're with Sprint. It was convenient to have there and now you have to go to the Settings in order to turn off mobile data. Not sure why it was removed - it's been in my GS4 and Note 2 phones.

    It's these little things that carriers impose that annoy me the most.
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  6. SekiTimewalker

    Thread Starter

    Thanks. I've been using a widget since my Bionic days, but it is still highly annoying not to have it. Would have been nice to get rid of another widget like I did when Brightness was moved up there. Thanks for the answer. :/

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