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Notification, ringer question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nigel11, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. nigel11

    nigel11 Newbie
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    I truly apologize if this is ridiculously easy to find in the search or figure out on my own but I couldn't do either so I will ask.

    Is there a way to allow a specific phone number to audibly ring even when my phone is set to silent? I set my phone to silent because i sleep during the day and work at night, but I would like to have a number or two be able to ring and wake me up no matter what in case of emergencies or whatever.

    Is there an app for this, or a setting on the phone.

    Thanks for any help, and thanks to everyone posting on these forums. It has been a lot of fun using your advice to set up and play with my new Droid (almost sounds naughty).

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  2. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    Greetings, new Droider!!
    Glad you're having big fun. I just grabbed this last night, so haven't had time to test it yet. On the plus side, it's rated 4+ stars, and the dev is apparently very responsive. Works on the whitelist principle. On the minus side, seems some folks are having problems with it, but they don't mention which phone they use, so....
    Free: Auto Ring v2.0.4 Application for Android | Communication

    I plan to test using hubby's phone to ring my Droid when the latter is set to silent. Suggest you run a similar test before actually relying on this app.

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