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Notification sound bug on Samsung Galaxy S5, or?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LarsErikOsterud, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. LarsErikOsterud

    Thread Starter

    I'm haveing a hard time settings notification sound on my S5

    (I use norwegian language so sorry if menu item names may be translated a bit wrong):

    I set the event notification sound (the pull down event list and the icons in the status line)

    to a sound like "beep once"

    The I set the build-in e-mail app notification sound to "you have new mail"

    (to do that I must first check the mark to show notification in the info/event bar)

    BUT when a new mail arrives I get no "you have new mail"!

    I just get a "beep once" (like on all other events).

    I tried to set the notification sound for events to "none" to see if that overrides the e-mail one.

    Nope. Now I get no sound at all (neither for e-mail nor for other events).

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Am I setting up somthing wrong?

    Don't say that the e-mail app must be running to give a notification (I have the e-mail widget on the homescreen)?

    Where do one report a bug like this?

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