Help Notification sound changes apparently randomly

Hi all, I keep running into a weird scenario with my Incredible (non-rooted, Android 2.1) where the notification sound changes to one of the other files on my SD card. I can't seem to make the notification sound stick.

For example: this morning, I unmounted the SD card after syncing with Doubletwist on my PC and got into my car. When I turned on the car, the phone connected via Bluetooth to the stereo. Upon connection, the phone made a notification sound, but that sound had been changed from the default notification sound to one of my MP3s.

Anyone else having this trouble?


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I am having trouble with this as well .... its almost like the software has a bug or the phone has a virus or something. Recently I plugged it into a PC to move some videos from internal storage and 18 out of 21 videos just disappeared and when I unplugged the phone, my default ringer and notification sounds were changed.

Today the phone turned itself of and it wouldn't turn on until I removed the battery and put it back in. Once again, when it turned on, my notification sounds were changed again!


Same here on my EVO. It's annoying and embarrassing. And the weird thing is that I don't know how the sound got on my phone in the first place. Sounds like it came from a game I might have installed though.