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Notification sounds still play from speaker when headphones are plugged in

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jblaze5779, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. jblaze5779

    jblaze5779 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have my headphones plugged in (yes they're plugged all the way in), I get an email/text/gtalk notification.... the notification sound comes through both my headphones and the rear speaker....

    What's up with that, I'd like for all sound to come through the headphones when they're plugged in. This problem is kind of annoying when I'm on the train and trying to be considerate of others.

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  2. MrWireless

    MrWireless Lurker

    im having this same issue...very annoying
  3. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I found out about this at work. When I received an e-mail notification, the person a couple cubes away from me asked if I heard the bicycle bell. The only way I know to get around this is by using a program called Lite Setting Profiles that allows me to change all of the notification and ringtone settings using a profile I set. Then when I get to work, I change to my work profile and set the time that the profile will expire so it goes back to my default at the time I leave work.

    I also have the profile turn off my WiFi while I am at work because I don't use WiFi at work and it saves battery power. But, as soon as the profile expires, it turns WiFi back on too.
  4. putch

    putch Newbie

  5. protolocke

    protolocke Lurker

    I found an app called Setting profiles lite if that's what you're talking about? What settings do you enable/disable in order to fix this problem of notifications being played through headphones and speaker?

    Note that I'm using bluetooth headphones, and I wish to use a productivity timer at work so that I work in 25 minute bursts followed by 5 min breaks. The problem is that I don't want to disturb my workmates with sounds and vibrations coming from my phone.

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