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Dave L

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Hi guys,

I guess this is more of an OS question than One X specific.

Does anyone know of an app that allows a notification sound to be applied to actions not already covered in the various settings.

For example, I would like to set a different notification sound to SMS sent and MMS sent. Also would like the SMS sent and Failure notifications to be different.

I checked out things like Tone Picker etc. but none seem to do what I wanted.

Finally, I seem to remember some time back with my Desire I was able to set a sound for when the charger/USB cable was plugged in. A bit gimmicky I know but just for the 'because I can' factor I would like to set that again.

Many thanks.

Dave L

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Tasker might be able to do something like that? Have you tried it before?

Thanks El P.

Had a look at the devs website about this app. It is extremely impressive and what I am looking to do is a miniscule of what the app can do. So way more than my needs.

If all else fails I'll give it a try.

Thanks again.