Jun 6, 2010
Somehow all my notifications are not working anymore. They simply don't appear at all. I can force sync Gmail but it won't pull them at all. I'm seeing the same thing with Handcent too.

I can't figure it out.

I recently had "rpc:s-5:AEC-0" issues and so did a number of attempted "solutions" before it finally was fixed. I don't even remember all the things i did.

Clearly though something i did turned off the notifications, how do i get them back on?
Slanch, it's been 3 days so I guess no one's sure how to respond to this.

I'm rooted & ROMmed and haven't been stock in a LONG time. If you are running stock, the only thing I can think of is to back everything up with an app like Carbon, copy the backup to the PC (just in case), and do a full factory reset. Then as soon as you're back, go to Play, install Carbon and restore the backup.

That's all I've got here :eek:

Good luck!