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Notifications on logos?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tumbleweed, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am not really versed in Android, but am helping a relative out who has just got a new Moto G. Seems ok except that unlike the Sammy s3 that another relative has, there are no indications on the icons of how many unread messages there are in each app.

    I've done a bit of research and see there are a few apps you can get to rectify this but AFAICS they don't seem to work on the home screen icons at the bottom(is this called the dock?).

    Any chance this will be rectified in the KitKat release ?

    If not what's the fix? Am looking to get notifications on Whatsapp, Gmail and the stock text app.

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  2. MrGlowy

    MrGlowy Android Enthusiast

    I use Nova Prime. It shows me the numbers of unread.
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  3. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    How does that work? I have the paid version of Nova Prime but didn't know about it showing how many unread messages/mail or whatnot!

  4. mattsd

    mattsd Member

    I'm running KK and not seeing any way to do this. Maybe check out Nova Prime as MrGlowy mentioned?
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  6. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    I'll check it out.
  7. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok thanks for the help, looks like you need at least two apps then, tesla unread and nova prime.
    And doesn't work on Whatsapp. :-(

    Annoying when against my advice they bought this phone instead of the Sammy (since I have everyday access to the Sammy so could use it a testbed if they ran into issues, they don't normally live near me, are visiting over Xmas).
    So now I'll have to buy a play voucher (can't trust them with their credit card number stored in the stor) in order to buy these.

    Not sure Ill bother they can just swipe down occasionally and have a look.

    My big surprise is, I thought android xxx version on one phone was the same as xxx version on another, but it seems not. A long time since I had an android, I was getting annoyed with my iPhone deficiencies but this is just as bad, basic functionality it's bunch of hassle to implement and still isn't fully there. No different to Apple then :)

    Edit: the Sammy doesn't do whatsapp either !

    Right that's my rant over I feel better now. Thanks folks.
  8. I'm confused by what the problem is.

    If you want my personal recommendation ... Android ... and always use Nova Launcher Prime that will cost you $4. It provides tweaks to the user experience that are simply impossible to resist. It provides solutions that are so well done that people who have root-ed their phone in the past have opted to no root in their phone in the present.

    The other app is a free add-on to Nova Launcher Prime.

    Finding apps that do things the way you want is what Android is all about. It is built around competition and that competition is what forces progress.

    I found out about Nova Launcher Prime at Android Forums from other users.

    Nova Launcher Prime has competitors. Maybe you one them better.

    ... Thom
  9. mattsd

    mattsd Member

    Well now I want to try Nova Launcher Prime! I have some kind of a mental block that usually doesn't allow me to purchase apps. I find that there really isn't anything I need that isn't free, however this sounds really good. I used the Nova Launcher on my Galaxy SII for a while but ended up going back to the stock one for some reason.
  10. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Purchasing apps to me was like getting a tattoo. It takes a leap to get the first one, but then you're hooked. :)
    TBO, I haven't run Nova in quite some time on either my Moto G or G2. But, after Swiftkey, it's the best purchased app I've bought.
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  11. I develop software. I ALWAYS go with the payments. It is how we keep them coming.

    There is a free version of Nova Launcher that has a lot of the paid version but not some of the really great ones (like hiding the pre-installed apps).

    I tried Nova few years ago and it was a yawn.

    I tried it a few months ago and was simply astonished. The lack of a home screen in landscape was always a pet peeve of mine. Not being able to hide the NFL app without root-ing was another. Changing the ocpn matrix on the home screen to being 5 columns wide instead of 4.

    ... Thom
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  12. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    I own both Nova prime and apex paid and apex is able to do this as well. You need an extension with apex just as you do with Nova.
  13. mattsd

    mattsd Member

    I completely understand. I have friends who are software developers and they too put back in to the development economy by purchasing/ supporting lots of apps. I will eventually get there too, I'm sure. For the last few years I've been focussed on saving money unfortunately. Let's hope that can change soon!! ;)

    Anyway, gotta check out Nova Prime soon.
  14. I feel so strongly about it I would like to say ... if you buy only one app this year ... make it Nova Launcher Prime. It6 will change your outlook.

    ... Thom
  15. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    I like the free apps also but I will purchase any app that I like after trying the free version. It also helps support the developers so they can continue to make it a great app.

    I like to catch when Google or other sites offer apps for like 25 cents or so! I've gotten a bunch at those prices, even if I don't use it much.
  16. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Thom and thanks for your replies. I'll try to explain "the problem(s)" :)

    Money isn't the issue at all, I previously bought plenty of apps on Android, then I went to Apple (and immediately jailbroke to get features I wanted and paid for apps on Cydia) and bought many apps on the AppStore, and recently have been toying with going back to Android because of annoyances with iOS.

    However, this isn't my phone it's a techno illiterate relatives, so firstly in order to buy something I have to come up with a way of doing it that doesn't leave their credit card number stored in play store in case they do something dumb. So either I add the card, buy the app, then remove the card, or buy a voucher and add that to their account but I'll be buying a
  17. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Here's a few things, Tumbleweed:

    1. You can gift someone's Google Wallet account directly for whatever amount you want, no need to use a pricey gift certificate:
    Google Wallet

    2. This extension gives you notifications for all apps (still need to use Nova or Apex):

    3. This has nothing to do with the version of Android, it's that Samsung has added a software skin to their phone, called TouchWiz. Same thing with what Moto, LG or HTC adds to their phones. Some of the most famous apps out there were developed to mimic certain features that these manufacturers add to the software.

    4. Yeah, it is a basic feature. But there's a reason that there's a Google Play store, you can customize your phone however you like. Check out some of the many "Post your homescreen" threads. No two homescreens are alike.

    5. iOS and Android are very different. However, iOS is far more limiting in terms of how you can set up your phone. Android offers so much choice and possibilities. Both have strengths and weaknesses. :)
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  18. ... the word is... diverse.

    - There are over 600 different Android phones.

    - There are over 1,00,000 different apps in Play store.

    There are about a million ways you can customize your selected phone ... with a simple app download.

    The evolution of the user environment that I have seen over the years was many times to include an option or approach that had been proven by a third-party app in a previous version.

    ... Thom
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  19. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Breadnatty, thank you very much I will check that route out starting with the Sammy.
    Thom, thanks also, though just to be ungrateful ill point out that with a million ways of changing something the problem is not changing, it's finding the change you want amongst the dross and not working ways :)
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  20. You can treat it like a problem or you can treat it like an opportunity.

    One way is to go to the forum in Android Forums that is dedicated to your phone and see what other users of your phone have to say.

    You could ask for some app recommendations ... I strongly recommend ...

    Nova Launcher Prime - will change your outlook
    Real Calc Plus 0 support RPN
    Boat Browser
    File Manager
    QR Droid
    Smart Tools - some fascinating uses for the geometry you forget after 8th grade
    Tasker - lost of development options

    ... and use them every day.

    ... Thom

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