Notorious Poor WiFi Signal on SGS2


I just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G to upgrade from my Motorola Triumph. One of the first things I noticed is how poor the WiFi signal is of the SGS2 compared to the MT. Sitting about 6 feet from the router side-by-side the MT next to the SGS2 shows the MT has much better WiFi signal strength. I used WiFi Analyzer to compare the signals. In fact, on the MT I can pick up distant WiFi signals coming from my neighbors however the SGS2 doesn't see them at all. I do note that if I hold the SGS2 by the top corners the reception is better. It would appear to me that the SGS2 has an antenna problem or the power level of the radio is poor.

I Googled this issue and noted that many, many, many folks are reporting the same problem. I have not noted any solution to the problem. I'm starting to think this must be a hardware issue otherwise I'm sure there would have been a firmware fix for this by now.


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Mine always showed like one dot sitting in the same room as the router, then my Facebook started taking forever to refresh so I uninstalled it, reinstalled. After that I'm getting full bars on the WiFi and some sluggish apps are now fast again


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I have noticed this issue too. The other thing I noticed was that if the phone goes into sleep mode and you turn it back on. A lot of times the WiFi won't pick up your network. You have to toggle airplane mode or reset the phone. I started to notice this when I set it to turn off WiFi when in sleep mode.