Android Enthusiast
Feb 13, 2011
Just a FYI, I updated nova launcher to the new version today on both my TPs, and had issues on both. No longer could I get rid of the Google Search bar (turning it off got rid of the app drawer icon), and the ICONs had no labels (the setting was checked), and just tons of issues with crashes, ect. I tried everything, clearing the app settings, rebooting, cleared cache, ect. My Buddy called me and was having the same problem with his TP after upgrading tonight. I dug around and found the previous version of Nova and just installed it over (which took me back to 1.01) and everything is fine now.

Not sure if the version is just buggy, or if it does not like out TPs, but just a warning, might want to make a backup in CW before you upgrade.