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Novice Flashers !!

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by xtreme barton, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. xtreme barton

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    Nov 16, 2011

    Nov 16, 2011
    some of you guys been flashing phones since early motorola razr days .. and old school cdma phones..

    been a while since i flashed a phone and im trying to clarify some things about cross carrier flashing etc..

    let the questions begin

    1. Is flashing newer android phones pretty much the same routine as flashing an older phone. and to clarify im more focused on for instance having a metro phone and manual programming through qpst & cdmaWS.

    concerns i browsed over a forum and some stated that metro uses 11 digit number as opposed to crickets 10 digits.

    or does it even matter once you manually enter them and write to phone through qpst. im stuck on whether there is something that blocks writes that needs to be corrected before qpst tweaking.

    2. still load prl files as usual ?

    what caught my eye too ...

    huwaei ascend back when the 2.2 was suppose to get the update.

    i always wondered why cricket users couldnt have rooted their phone and updated to metropcs 2.3 update and then from there go and manually program the phone back to cricket settings with qpst etc .. what am i missing ??

    been wanting to pick up a new phone and cant decide on what to get cause i dont wanna get a useless phone if i cant use it like it should be. i dont really care if i gotta program it myself. i read a droid x guide where he was explaining what settings to change ..when he could have noted the metro settings and then switched it all to cricket ..confusing


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