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Novo 7 / Calibre / Kobo Help

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by R0M, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Im pretty new to Android stuff. I got myself a Galaxy Note when it released. Also got my gf a Ainol Novo 7 Advanced for xmas instead of a Kindle, as she liked what it offered on top.

    Ive downloaded Calibre on the pc, and got a load of her books in there, edited all the metatags, converted from pdf etc etc with no problems.

    The issues im having are..

    I cant get Calibre to 'Send To Device'. Its not seeing the tablet i guess. Ive tried changing the options from Internal memory to card etc.

    Ive tried manually copying the files to the tablet, which works. All in the correct folder etc.
    However when Kobo searches for files to import, it doesnt find them. It does however find some books i copied to the same directory, before i found out about Calibre. They are some of the same books, but with poor titles, author names etc. Ive deleted these from the tablet though, before i copied the new ones?! I cant see how Kobo keeps finding them, and only them. When they dont even show up in the directory anymore.

    I know the Novo 7 doesnt have a huge support base, but these seem like generic issues i think. So hopefully someone will be able to help.

    Can Kobo read from sub folders? As Calibre puts them into Author then Title folders.

    Can Calibre send to the Novo 7 Advanced ? Is it just an option i have set wrong etc.

    She already has a lot of books purchased on Kobo, from when she had a Blackberry, so reluctant to change readers.


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