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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crow11ad, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member
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    Oct 22, 2009
    I have had the Hero for over a week. During that time lets see...Not receiving voice mails or texts. My Grandfather passed away and never got the voice mail stating that I need to call or why. My bday just passed and never received texts...not because no one cared either. :D Had to exchange phone for another Hero due to the headphone issues and having to restart the phone each time so that the phone would recognize the headphones. The camera, even though 5 megapix...pics seemed blury. The UI is awesome don't get me wrong and 7 screens is great...except 1 is taken up by the calendar, another by music app. I loved surfing on the internet on it and the track ball on the first phone was great...2nd one not so much as left to right rocked, right to left not so much.

    I have been watching vids, researching like most about the moment for the past couple of days. Even though when the Samsung people didn't really know or seemed to know or the cnet review where the guy could care less, I was still intrigued. So the phone came out today. I even tried to hit a few sprint stores yesterday just to see if I could play with it. No luck.

    I go to Sprint today and there is already some people. I go straight to the moment and hero. Look at the moment. Feel the moment....Wow it's heavy. Compared to the hero and htc touch pro, it is heavier. I do the slide out keyboard...thinking cool. I look at the screen...wow. I make sure it has visual voice mail....I go up and say I want the moment. Did our thing and before it was final, I wanted to make sure it would fit in my case.

    I use a case that also holds my drivers license and up to 3 credit card type cards. It fits. Anything bigger and it would not. So I get my contact swapped...have the 2 gig card removed and put in my 16 gig. Walk out.

    I set up my email and get some email. First one I get...wow full html email. Sweet. I start typing and woohoo. I get on the net and hmmm I can get used to this...make a call using the side button for voice....works great.

    Things I like about hero and moment...

    Weight...if you want light then get hero...if you want something that in case there is a massive wind storm or run out of paper weights get the moment...so weight goes to Hero.

    UI...well Hero gets this one or does it. Yes hero has sense UI...What I tried with that is whatever sense I selected I had to set up my email again. Why? Why not just make it for all senses. Yes 7 screens is nice, but like I mentioned, 1 is for calendar and another for music. Yes you can remove. On the moment yes there it is the infamous sunflower and 3 screens. Since I didn't use more then 3 screens anyways, I was alright with this. Yes this is stock 1.5, but so is hero with htc sprinkles on top.:D

    Since it is basically the same...I will say if you like the ohhh ahhh go with hero...if you want a phone that should be an easy update to 2.0 go with moment. Would seem simple enough to get the update for the moment first as HTC has to make sure all works with sense....so we have a tie...wow factor goes to hero, but yes we have an android goes to moment.

    Keyboard...Oh back in the day with the htc touch...I got used to the onscreen keyboard....then the htc touch came out...physical keyboard. Hero onscreen is cool and you can get used to it. But like many...many typos. Keyboard on moment. The onscreen is easy to use if you are typing with one hand...landscape same. But me and others...there are options. The slide out keyboard is great. Typed on it and like it very much. Just have to get used to where the space is. I think I am used to it. Would I have like to see a 5 row keyboard...maybe...On the moment it is back lit in Tron blue. Winner moment.

    Camera...yes the hero has 5 megapixles. Woohoo...but the pics seemed blury...and forget night time or low light shots. The moment...3.2 with flash...Can't wait for the flash light app to come out. Oh and the dedicated camera button is handy and works awesome. winner moment

    Calling...about the same. Have not messed with speaker on moment as of yet. Hero had a good speaker. So I will say hero just because I have not tried moment, but again...once I do try I may have to come back and edit...

    Sides of phone...well I don't really care for the covered tabs. I like how the hero has it...open. Also I wish samsung would just have used the same type of connections that way I wouldn't have to buy new accessories. Winner...Hero.

    Menu buttons and home keys...

    On the hero you have a hard key for phone and end call and some others. On the moment you have the hard key for making a call and ending a call. The home, menu and search are all touch. That is nice. Winner...Moment.

    On the hero you had a track ball that had the glowing white to it. It was nice. The moment you have a touch pad. It takes time to get used to it. I wish the moment had the track ball. Winner on this...Hero

    Memory...I believe that on the hero when you start it up..it had what like 155 and on the moment I think it is like 280 something. winner moment

    Boxing....On the hero box you have a nice woman and the phone...On the moment you have an android and the moment....winner...moment

    Welcome screen. On the hero...you get the HTC with the green android waiving hello. On the moment you get android in tron like colors...winner moment.

    Processor...winner moment....800 ghz:D

    All in all I have been a fan of HTC. It's just with the hero, I feel like what Vista did to XP. Fancy, eye candy with some upgrades. The hero is like the htc touch. Great when it came out, but left people wanting more...then the htc touch pro came out...hello touch and a physical keyboard....So I am not saying that HTC sucks, far from it. I am just saying that right now and again right now...Samsung knew something....used it and it works. Like others if HTC would have put the sense ui and track ball into moment...well then that would be a phone.

    Will I go back to HTC...sure. We will see in a year when I can upgrade with that sweet 150.00 premier membership.

    This is what I came away with. Again what I came away with.


  2. MikeG7265

    MikeG7265 Member

    Oct 17, 2009
    Kernersville, NC
    Nice review.....thanks!!

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