Root Now that we have GingerSense, how about Sense 3.0?


Now that a Gingerbread rom has been leaked for the Incredible, how far off are we from a Sense 3.0 rom?


I think with the release of the Thunderbolt, Droid Charge, Droid incredible2, And the Droid X2. Many of the devs will be moving to those phones. So roms for the Dinc will slow down. I am not saying completely.



Noob question, but I just rooted for the first time finally and am learning along the way. I currently have CM7 installed on my phone. If I wanted to flash this ROM would it replace CM7 or would it be added to it?

One last question, I have done the full Titanium backup but havent had a chance to do a restore. If this ROM does replace CM7 and I do the titanium restore will my apps and settings be 100% fully restored? even my app settings?

Thanks in advance, I promise to pass knowledge on as I obtain it.


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It will replace CM7. It will be particularly interesting when restoring via Titanium because we are talking apples and oranges between vanilla and Sense 3. My advice to all is to obviously do a FULL wipe and then restore market apps only. At least make sure you're not pulling elements of CM into the restore particularly if using the "restore missing apps" option. JMO.


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if you're looking for the best of both worlds (2.0 with some 3.0 goodies) check out WDFowty's GingerSense Remix. The Rom is unbelievable.