NQ Mobile Vault... help

Hello brothers....!!!

i have HTC Explorer (Android 2.3.5), i am using NQ Mobile Vault for my privacy like hide contact numbers, sms, calls blocking, personal videos with a password. its perfect for me. but the problems is that when i open my htc explorer settings>applications>manage applications> then i tap on NQ Mobile Vault and then tape "Clear date" its clear the application data and when i start NQ Mobile vault again its start from the beginning and its asking for type a new password like first time start the application.. and when i type a new fresh password it will open all my hidden contacts and videos and pics.. so like this anyone can break NQ Mobile vault.. how can i stop others to clear the data of my applications. or have you any other application like this then plz suggest me... thanks


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I'd suggest using a pin to lock the actual phone, so no one can access any part of the phone without first typing in the pin.

The option to turn it on should begin the security settings options of the phone.


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you mean keypad security code? but if some one ask me for my mobile to Liston music and i opened security code for her/him. then he can access my data.