Nubie with a dreambook :)


I am such a nube when it comes to android that I think I need help with some basics. :thinking: I hope you don't mind.

I own an Pioneer computers 7" ebook as reviewed here: DreamBook ePad 7 Gets Specced Out | Android Phone Fans mine is running android 2.05

I have downloaded a few applications but don't know where to find them. :mad:Some apps icons just appear whereas others don't and I don't know how to start those app.:eek:

Like I said I am really new to android and would appreciate any advice.

Pyretta :eek:
A further problem I am having with my Dreambook is I am unable to download certain applications from (including Adobe Flash!!) because my Dreambook doesn't have a phone number associated with it. Is there any way around this?? So frustrating.