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Null Contacts - Backup

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Prismind, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Somehow this past weekend, all my facebook contacts became as null. I assume it happened when i let someone else sign on facebook on my phone or when i reset my picture source

    Either, I tried to do everything to remove those contacts in order to do a complete resync. I tried everything to manually remove the contacts, but no avail. Even the verizon store couldn't do anything and the methods on here didn't work. I'm doing a full back up now on several apps because i have no choice but to do a factory reset.

    I feel the need to post the best apps to backup all my stuff so others have access to it.

    mIQ: Backup and syncs everything for free. Provided by Bestbuy. I had an issue with uploading contacts but it put everything else in proper method. All viewable online. no sd card backup though

    MyBackup: Works amazingly. Backs up everything on the SD card or online. Works quickly. The only issue is that the free version is only good for 30 day. If you have do use it again, you might be screwed unless you find a way around the 30 days.

    Mobile Backup II: Simplest of the main backups. Only backs up on SD. Works fine. Doesn't seem to have an time limits or anything.

    SMS Box: Just a backup for SMS. can be reaccessed through an email/password or though a pin code.

    SMS backup and restore: Very basic backup. Just makes everything in an xsl file.

    I hope this helps someone in the future. If you get a Null linked profile, Don't bother with going to the verizon store. They can't help. It took them a while to know what i was trying to get done

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