Jul 15, 2013
Hi all

Just wondering if any of you happened to bump up to this issue.
I just realized today that in my contacts there are so many unknown names with email address @hotmail.co.uk.. at a glance it looks like virus or something (please see the attached screenshot from my phone), because none of it is belongs to my friends in the contacts.
When I click for details, it seems to be connected to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
The names come up with all possible alphabets:
have 5 contacts with name beginning with "c"

  • cpdgirl@hotmail.co.uk
  • cvesno@hotmail.co.uk
  • cveuler@hotmail.co.uk
  • cvfgv@hotmail.co.uk
  • cvgsph@hotmail.co.uk
beginning with "d" is even more:

  • daffy9599@hotmail.co.uk
  • daffymcck@hotmail.co.uk
  • dcvarela@hotmail.co.uk
  • dcvuj@hotmail.co.uk
  • dcwakelyn@hotmail.co.uk
  • ...
  • ...
  • etc..
  • and the list continues.....
However there's 1 name came up together (have similar traits) but it does not show "@hotmail.co.uk" on the name, only "Cilas Da Silva" (please see the attached photo again).
So far it does not causing bugs in the phone operation, but i wonder if it send out any info or other things out of my phone.

Anybody has experienced this? And what did you do to get rid of this?:thinking:

Thank you..


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