Numeric Password Phone Lock


Does anyone know of a good numeric password app on the Motorola Droid? I've searched the threads and so far only found Wavesecure (which although cool doesn't do the phone lock automatically and therefore isn't what I'm looking for) and Lock 2.0 (which got some nasty reviews). I REALLY hate the pattern lock and would like to simply type in a numeric password each time the phone goes dim to protect my personal information but I'm coming up empty handed. Please help! Thank you!


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I've never tried Lock 2.0, but I use WaveSecure Beta. It has worked pretty well since I installed it last week. No problems to report.


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This is exactly what I want as well. I loathe the default unlock pattern screen.

Apparently from what I've seen all apps that currently do this suck. The password screen is able to be skipped by the long-press of Home.