Jul 4, 2013
Quebec, Canada
Hello guys,

I'm absolutely transparent, I work for Frima, the studio behind Nun Attack and A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks.

I just wanted to have your feedback on Nun Attack. Have you tried it? Have you liked it? What would you like in a sequel?

Thank you very much for your time.

I'm sorry if this is in violation of the forum rules, this is not spam, I'll be around to read all of the replies : )
Here are the guidelines for the Announcements forum:


As far as posting sitewide, anything android or cogent to the topic, feel free to chime in. Posting links to your app elsewhere is frowned upon unless it is 100% on topic with a member looking for an app just like yours. And isn't from 6 months or longer ago.

Once you reach (I think) 25 posts you can include a signature on your posts. Drop any links you want in that. It will show up on your first post on each page of a thread you have posted in, even posts from before you reached 25 posts.

Anyway, enough of that. Good luck with your app.:)
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