Nutcase loses his job...


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Perhaps Mr. Tracy should go join O.J. in looking for the real killers, and Ahmadinejad in denying the holocaust, too...

I'm always curious how these people manage to be otherwise "normal" in society. How can they go about with their heads buried so far in .... well, the sand? ;)

In a brief interview with NBC News on Dec. 19, Tracy said his letter to the Pozners was a response to a copyright infringement claim by the Pozners demanding he remove photos of their son from his website.

But asked if he accepted that the boy died at Sandy Hook, Tracy replied, "I don't."

He added, "Nobody died at Sandy Hook." He referred a reporter to a recently published book by that name.


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shiiiit... that is crazy.
only read just headlines.. but damn. how can you not accept that it happened?

I am a doubting Thomas... but still have to accept reality