Root Nv fail


Was wondering as I can't get it to reprogram. N I didnt back up my nv is there a way I can fix this huawei premia 4g have had no luck....


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Yes but this side of the forum dead. If u c. I have ask several times n other members have had ask to. N still no respond. I wasctrying to c if someone had a similar solution that can help mecsobi can help others in the same situation.


This PHONE is basically dead. Huawei doesn't support it, Metro doesn't support it. No other site even lists it. This is the only place.
Any guide I have found, the first thing listed is BACK UP YOUR DEVICE. Huawei changed almost everything on this phone from the Google way to their own way. That was covered in the very first posts made to this forum. The framework is different. The partitions are different. I have flashed almost all of the ROMs in here without any problem. The original is also available here. From your posts it appears you get it working, then do something else to mess it up. (I read one post where a member made sure it would not boot up and got it replaced under warranty.)
Nothing I have ever read stated to do anything to the baseband partition or the nvm partition. And it sounds like listening to your friend just got you in trouble.

  • Research.

  • Read.
  • Read again.

  • Read again until you understand everything you have read.

  • Then follow the directions exactly.
Five months ago I knew nothing about android, but I learned a lot from this forum and the wonderful people on it.
If you don't get the answer you want then it most likely doesn't exist.
Sorry to sound harsh, but welcome to the real world.
Try this over at XDA-developers and you'll get laughed off the forum.


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Dude I been flashing fone for a while before u rant someone ask questions. Before I even rooted the fone n flash a new ROM I had this problem was trying to save it by trying to find a solution. I never had a problem like this before. This was my first done with metro. Guess I'll have to go high end now. But if I find a way to fix it I'll be happy I like this Lil fone

P.s been a member in xda for yrs. So I know a thing or two.