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O2 stupidity with replaced phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carajp, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. carajp

    carajp Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm so wound up and upset!

    My S2 developed a fault, which is that it would crash on start up. Took it in to them for repair last week. They found the fault but couldn't reflash it or something, so they replaced it. That was fine by me - it was 2 months old. And I got it back within a week. Good service - or so I thought.

    Got the new phone today and discovered that it was a KE1 firmware (had KE7 on the old phone, flashed via Kies). Kies will NOT update KE1 - "This version of the device cannot be updated". As an old firmware, I cannot restore my backup (it won't let me) nor EVER update the phone again.

    Naturally I rang them to get it put right. Spent an hour on the phone. End result? "Nothing to do with us, you have to send it to Samsung". Wtf?? Even though you only supplied it to me today - and you should have checked, surely??

    Really really cross. I know I can root it and flash it, but given I've had one faulty phone already I don't want to risk my warranty. Oh, and it runs really really hot.

    I guess I've just got a fight on my hands now. So so upset. *cry*

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  2. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    I feel for you mate, my SGS2 is about to be collected to be replaced also. Its on O2 but not from them, I hope I get better treatment!
  3. suhailmoghul

    suhailmoghul Newbie

    Hi there,
    I had a problem with my S2 from O2 where is was heating up where the camera lens are, and randomly switching off, so I got in touch O2 they exchanged it for a new one. After a week I had similar problems with the new one and was on KE2 firmware, so I spoke to faults and returns and he kindly said that they would replace it with a new one, which I got the next day.

    Then my third one after 4 days started behaving like the others, so I got in touch with SAMSUNG and the gentleman said that there is a fault with S2's regarding the heating up and Samsung were aware of it, and that he was surprised that O2 have not recalled them back. He said we can fix it for you but because you have 30 days warranty period when you received it, trading standards law O2 should replace it for you for a new one or exchange it for another brand.
    I spoke to O2 again in faults department and they agreed to replace it with another brand, but obviously I wanted a S2 so I said NO. Told O2 that Samsung are aware of the the fault and said that O2 should replace it (trading standards law), so they decided to terminate my 18 month contract first week in June which I had for only for 6 weeks.
    3 weeks ago I got another S2 of them on a new contract and they assured me that they had resolved the issue with Samsung, and so far it has been working brilliantly.

    O2's policy regarding the 30 days warranty is whenever they ship out a new phone your 30 days starts from that day, even when they replace it your new 30 days starts, so by law they have to replace it.

    Hope my recent experience helps you in any way.:cool:
  4. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    Why don't you just use Odin to reflash a more recent stock ROM? Kies is useless - pretty much everyone who uses it agrees (see threads without number on this very board).
  5. carajp

    carajp Member
    Thread Starter


    @lotus - That was going to be my fallback (rather than sending it to Samsung) if push came to shove - and assuming I could find an O2 stock rom.

    Anyway, I had an issue with O2 about 4 weeks ago which I had to make a formal complaint about and therefore it went to the "real" Complaints Department (and which they resolved to my complete contentment). Fortunately, I discovered I still had their direct number.

    So this morning I rang it. The chap I'd dealt with was on holiday but I got a very pleasant and very efficient woman. She realised of course that I was short-circuiting the formal complaints procedure but when she heard the story and read the notes of my hour-long struggle with CS last night, she wisely ignored that, gave me a complaints number, told me "Of COURSE we will take responsibility for sorting it out" (I could hear the sigh when she got to the bit where they'd I had to send it to Samsung myself) and said she would send me out a new phone. :)

    O2 drive me nuts. They're either very very bad or very very good, in my experience. I've had some profoundly positive experiences at times mixed in with an almost equal number of occasions which have left me fit to go postal on them. *sigh*

    ps I agree that Kies is useless. I don't even attempt to sync anything with it any more. But it did manage to painlessly update the firmware on my last phone.

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