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O2 uk 2G Outages - 7th June, 22:00h

Discussion in 'O2' started by SUroot, May 31, 2011.

  1. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User
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    FYI, Following postcodes affected for upto an hour? (1 Hour loss of 2G, but work taking 8 Hours)

    N19 3JQ
    N19 3NH
    N19 3NU
    N19 4HT
    N19 4LN
    N19 5EW
    N19 5NF
    N6 5BB
    N6 5HX
    N6 5JG
    N6 5XB
    N6 6PH
    NW1 8AG
    NW1 8EH
    NW1 8PL
    NW2 3UB
    NW3 2AH
    NW3 2QG
    NW3 3NA
    NW3 3QE
    NW3 5JJ
    NW3 6EX
    NW3 6EX
    NW3 6JU
    NW3 6LU
    NW3 6UF
    NW3 7DX
    NW3 7ET
    NW3 7JP
    NW5 1RS
    NW5 2AU
    NW5 2DY
    NW5 2TG
    NW5 4PL
    NW6 1LJ
    NW6 1XJ
    NW6 2LU
    NW6 4HS
    NW6 5AE
    NW6 5DT
    NW6 7HR
    NW6 7HS
    NW6 7HU
    NW6 7JS
    NW6 7SR
    W9 1QD
    CF31 3NA
    CF32 0BE
    CF32 0NL
    CF33 4SA
    CF33 6DY
    CF34 9DQ
    CF35 6NY
    CF36 3DQ
    SA1 1QR
    SA1 2AE
    SA1 2JT
    SA1 4DQ
    SA1 5ED
    SA1 6PD
    SA1 6YA
    SA1 7ER
    SA1 8ED
    SA10 6PE
    SA11 1DR
    SA11 2TU
    SA11 3BY
    SA11 3HX
    SA11 3ST
    SA12 7BY
    SA12 8LD
    SA13 1JH
    SA2 0AX
    SA2 0PL
    SA2 7QU
    SA2 9AQ
    SA2 9JP
    SA2 9JX
    SA3 2AP
    SA3 4DN
    SA4 3HF
    SA4 4US
    SA4 9GR
    SA5 4BA
    SA5 5AE
    SA5 7PD
    SA5 9AR
    SA6 7JX
    SA6 8DR
    SA7 9NG
    SA8 3DY
    SA9 1DT
    CH1 6PB
    CH2 2PE
    CH2 4DA
    CH2 4LJ
    CH3 7EE
    CH3 7PR
    CH3 8LE
    CH65 6QY
    CW6 0SZ
    CW8 1JQ
    CW8 2AX
    CW8 2TE
    CW8 3PX
    CW8 3QP
    CW8 4LT
    CW9 5HL
    CW9 6AU
    CW9 7AU
    CW9 8EN
    WA4 4AZ
    WA4 4BT
    WA4 4NA
    WA4 5HR
    WA4 5QN
    WA6 0HS
    WA6 7AQ
    WA7 3DA
    WA7 3DL
    WA7 3ES
    WA7 3EZ
    WA7 4RX
    WA7 6EJ
    WA7 6QN


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