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Like many other Galaxy users im a bit pissed off with Samsung customer services,now what to do?

I have signed the petition on here and concacted samsung uk about the crap service all to no avail.

I have now contacted The Gadgetshow on channel Five to see if they want to do a section on the show about our isues,If others on here would do the same it would be eppic!

People power!:D


I'm up for that. I found two e-mail addresses on the website, one for website queries and one for other enquiries or complaints. I'm assuming I'd use the "other enquiries" one, or do you have a better way of contacting them?


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Ok guys things are starting to get interesting now,i've got a reply from the gadget show:
Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your email it is always good to hear from viewers.

I will forward your email onto the development team for consideration at the next ideas meeting.

Kind regards,

The Gadget Show Team


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If as many individuals email the same sort of complaints, they'll bitch at samsung to fix it. Operators have the MOST power. Even if samsung decide to stop support for the galaxy (i'm not saying they have), the operator will not be happy, and think twice about selling a samsung phone again.

Manufacturers need operators - they are their biggest customers :)


[FONT=&quot]You can also phone the O2 complaints department on 0845 3300684.

The woman I spoke to today said she wasn't aware of any other users complaining.


This was posted over on the O2 forum thread...

chistery said:
I pushed O2 into asking Samsung for a comment, and they've come back with:

Samsung HQ are currently not supporting a migration path to upgrade Galaxy to Android 2.0. Samsung UK continue to push for this but confidence on the change is low as Samsung HQ will be launching new devices on Android 2.0 in Q1.
Now O2 know this, they should stop selling the phone. I'd not like to be in an 18 month contract with this phone!
I guess 1.6 is our last hope...