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Observations from a former iPhone fanboy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stub74, May 19, 2011.

  1. stub74

    stub74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was getting very bored of the iPhone 3GS and was thinking for sometime of jumping to Android.

    I had the opportunity to upgrade and found that I could have the Samsung Galaxy S2. Got one shortly after release from O2.

    I absolutely love the phone and here are my observations of it after having it for just under a fortnight.

    Battery power is ok, I do use the phone a lot so just one of those things. Hoping to pick up another battery once they're released.

    I bought a case from Ebay for around

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  2. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

  3. secrecyguy

    secrecyguy Member

    welcome! I do recommend that you get a screen protector. You never know what could happen. It also provide some protection from breakage. It also increase the value of the phone if you decide to sell it.
  4. stub74

    stub74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys!

    I did read perhaps somewhere else that there's some oleophobic (sp?) ones that are due to be launched for the GalaxyS2.

    Being a bit of a perfectionist I don't think my OCD would allow me to have a bubble in the screen protector..!!


    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    Hello Mate, do you have a link for the case you got? I have been looking around but they all seem to be the "jelly" type ones and not the hard, rigid ones.

  6. zafonic

    zafonic Android Enthusiast

    Do you know where you read this??
  7. stub74

    stub74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  8. stub74

    stub74 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey mate, I got this one - 170623115815 it's called a gel case, it's not hard like a crystal case but also not soft like a normal sillicone one. Overall I'm happy with it.

  9. TobesEtc

    TobesEtc Android Enthusiast

    My Messages do the same thing. Samsung, pls fix! ;o)
  10. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I made the same jump and I am very happy with my SGSII.

    The screen already appears to have an oleophobic coating. It doesn't collect fingerprints anywhere near as much as my iPhone did and when it does, I can wipe them off with any cloth material, not just a microfibre cloth.

    Out of interest, why do people bother with cases and screen protectors?

    One of the things I like about the phone is how slim it is. Putting it in a case just makes it fat and awkward to answer the phone. Screen protectors seem completely pointless on a hard glass screen. What do they actually do?
  11. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member


    a case will stop the phone from getting scuffs as it appears to get scuffs/scratches easily, only plastic :p. screen protector.... i get one for just piece of mind to be honest. I know its gorilla glass but hey nothing it perfect uno :D
  12. loony

    loony Android Enthusiast

    i still think its how you treat your phone. The missus and i have always had the same phone for the same duration. my case is still near new lookin where the missus is bent backward and stuffed. my screen has a couple of tiny scratches after 2 years of use, hers is scuffed to the living end from smashing the screen on some game.

    Bottom line is, i look after my shit, she doesnt. she gets a protector with the new phone, i wont bother.
  13. benald

    benald Newbie

    Is a screen protector necessary, it has gorilla glass doesn't it?
  14. Jozudave

    Jozudave Newbie

    I'd say it probably isn't necessary, but considering that if you can put a screen protector on carefully without bubbles (an art form I still struggle with - seemingly only ninjas can accomplish this!) then I'd say get a protector.

    Think how annoyed you'd be if you dropped it and chipped it on some gravel or forgot keys were in the same pocket and put a nice big scratch down the centre.

    I'd be quite cross with myself to say the least! :p
  15. benald

    benald Newbie

    I guess so, though I've always been super careful with my phones so never had a problem. although now i have said this i have probably jinxed myself!

    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    I think my Desire had gorilla glass (happy to be proved wrong) and that still got scratched
  17. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    It's really down to how careful you are.

    For example, I never put my iPhone down on a hard surface as I didn't want to scratch it and after two years, you would have to look at it in very bright light with a magnifying glass to see any scratches but I have friends who would put a brand new
  18. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    For clarification, it's Gorilla Glass with Oleophobic Coating.

    With all due modesty, I'm a pro at applying screen protectors, yet that said I cannot stand them. And I've tried so many it's crazy.

    At the end of the day, I've gone nearly a full year with my iPhone 4 (Oleophobic) without a screen protector, carrying it in my front pocket and it's as perfect as the day it came out of the box.

    I don't use them on any of my Android phones either.

    Instead I have re-framed how I think of the topic. If for some reason (like a drop, or whatever) I should get a scratch in the screen I can always make it better by covering it with a screen protector. That's what one of my friends (who's hard on things) does and it works pretty well.

    Finally I do not like the loss of precise tactile feedback one gets from a nice Oleophobic screen, if it's covered.

    It's simply not the same with a protector.

    That's my take anyway:)
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