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Obtaining IP address problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Max_Headroom, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Max_Headroom

    Max_Headroom Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have had a nightmare at work trying to use the open wi-fi supplied to customer, every time i tried to connect i got the Obtaining IP address message and it would not connect.

    I tried all the usual stuff and nothing worked even though workmates could connect with no problem, after much searching i eventually found this solution having tried many of the ones that didn't work that i found using google.

    I haven't a clue how it works but it does. (if someone could explain i would appreciate it)

    The solution is to use a static IP for your WiFi connection, to do this:

    Go to Settings >

    Wi-Fi >

    press on your connection for a second, a pop up will appear with the options "forget network" and "modify net configuration" >

    select - modify net configuration >

    select - show advanced options >

    minimise the keyboard >

    select - IP settings >

    Select - Static

    Now enter the settings below (make a note of the ones already there in case you want to change back)

    IP - or

    Gateway -

    NPL - 24

    Netmask -

    DNS 1 - or

    DNS 2 -

    And save.

    Press the Home button and now try to connect.

    There is another solution that didn't work for me but has worked for a lot of people and that is to try to use the Allshare play app, apparently when it loads it asks you which network you want to use and clicking on yours makes the phone work on your network again.

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  2. Wil13

    Wil13 Lurker

    It worked perfectly! Much Thanks, Wil
  3. erikab922

    erikab922 Lurker

    If it were remotely appropriate I would kiss you! We changed broadband suppliers today and I've been trying to get my S3 to connect to home WiFi since 10am and was this close to wanging the phone out the window.

    The only issue I now have is that every time it re-scans for WiFi the connection drops and then re-connects straight away so it's like on-off-on-off. But it's a step in the right direction!

    EDIT: Hmmm, not working any more, getting DNS issues. I love the S3 but I cannot get WiFi to work and this is going to be a deal-breaker I think.
  4. fly62

    fly62 Lurker

    Thank you so much :):):)
  5. Fluxeonone

    Fluxeonone Lurker

    I just made an account to say THANK YOU!
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  6. Tkdye060910

    Tkdye060910 Lurker

    Also made account just to say THANK YOU. 2nd day on 2 phones bookmarked noe
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  7. gsboris

    gsboris Lurker

    Unfortunately you cannot use it on, say, work. No option to use static IP.
    Here is what worked for me:

    Had the same: it works at home and other places but the work - so it must be something with work WiFi.

    I went in WiFI settings (Settings\WiFi\Advanced\WiFi Frequency band) and noticed that WiFi band was set on Automatic - other options 5GHz, 2.4Ghz.

    I set it to 2.4GHz and it started working fine, slower but it works!

    I guess they have cheap routers here that cannot hold 5GHz

    Try it

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