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Occasional, mystery screen.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mr.Derringer, May 20, 2010.

  1. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi folks,

    I have a vodafone UK legend. Sometimes when I'm using some functions or just changing something, usually the alarm clock etc a black screen with a Chrome looking htc logo comes on but goes when i push the home button.

    I only see it every now and then and I can't seem to find out why or where is comes from. It just appears at random times.

    Any ideas?

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  2. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    I've never seen this screen. However, my legend was purchased sim-free/unlocked.
  3. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Member
    Thread Starter

    if can ever take a photo of it ill share it with you. although it happens at the most inconvienient times
  4. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    Please do, sounds quite interesting. Hmm.. When your phone starts, does it flash a Vodophone screen? (As most branded phones do..) If so, what colour is the screen?

    I've done some checking around online and I can't identify any similar problems... so this is quite interesting.. Also, is your phone insured?
  5. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah its on vodafone.
    When I turn it on I get a white screen with HTC on it for a few seconds then the Vodafone animation screen which is the logo on a white background.

    My phone is not insured
  6. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    Try to go through the same steps to replicate the issue, hopefully you may be able to narrow in on what exactly prompts this to happen. I wouldn't think/hope[!] this is completely 'random'.
  7. jc3869

    jc3869 Newbie

  8. Hi,
    Hope this is the place to post my question. Just upgraded to smartphone (vodafone UK) and new in android world incl. this forum. When I make any calls my screen gets dark in about 2 seconds (I suppose some energy saving) and get back my normal screen after hanging up. However if the other party do not answer and it just keeps ringing I cannot stop it, my screen is still dark, no button works, no tapping works. Or if I make a call by mistake I cannot hang it up due to "dead" screen.
    Any idea? I would really appreciate it.
  9. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Member
    Thread Starter

    Well the legend has a proximity sensor that shuts the screen off when you hold the phone to your ear during a call.

    It normally turns the screen back on when you move the phone away from your ear.

    If its not doing that for you then it sounds Like a faulty handset.

    If you only got it recently then vodafone Will give you a new phone.
  10. You are the ace mate! I keep the phone in a leather case which allows me to use phone (incl camera, usb etc) and your idea has pointed out that case might cover this sensor. And it is. Without case phone works well. Do you have any idea where is this sensor located exactly?
    Thanks again!
  11. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    The location of all the sensors are depicted in the first few pages of the Quick Start guide you get with your phone.

    For what its worth, I'm pretty sure the proximity sensor is located within the ear piece, the LED is located in the left hand side [as you look at the phone] and the proximity sensor on the right...

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